Krabi Sea Canoe

Sport And Recreation

The long Andaman Sea coastline of southern Thailand, with its hundreds of spectacular offshore islands, offers a diversity of recreational opportunities. Visitors keen on sailing can rent their own yacht, catamaran or sailboard, even charter a traditional Chinese junk, to cruise these magnificent waters. The area is also becoming known for its rewarding game fishing prospects. Scuba divers and snorkellers will be in their element, but spoilt for choice among countless underwater caves and coral reefs teeming with marine life. Dive boats and gear can be hired, with guides and instruction available, in Krabi. Another unique environment, to be discovered by sea canoe along Krabi's coast, are extensive mangrove swamps and forests, now preserved as national parks. Onshore, the rugged cliffs are challenging for rock climbers, while the virgin rain forests, jungles and waterfalls of the interior can be trekked on foot, or explored by fourwheel-drive vehicle safari.

Krabi Junk Excursion

Rock climbing in Krabi

As enthusiasts from around the world are discovering, some of Asia's most rewarding rock climbing conditions can be experienced around Krabi, where the limestone cliffs with deeply fissured vertical faces. pocketed walls and overhangs present a real challenge. Hundreds of routes have been identified and mapped for climbers. with gradings from novice to advanced professional standards of difficulty. Some of the best climbing areas can only be reached by boat. Guided climbs and instruction can be arranged through local agents in Krabi, with all equipment provided.

Rock Climbing